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Robotics Companies

By Chuck Rosenberg


Here are some commercial mobile robotics companies I've come across. If you have any suggestions or additions, e-mail me: chuck@cs.cmu.edu

Robotics Companies

  • Real World Interface - makers of high end research robots like the B21 and offer a lower end option, the Pioneer
    News: the Pioneer is now being sold exclusively by Activmedia and RWI has merged with IS Robotics
  • Nomadic Technologies - makers of high end research robots and offer a lower end option, the Scout
  • IS Robotics - makers of high end walking robots, but currently more focused on government contracts and commercialization of their technology (recently changed their name to iRobot to reflect their entertainment venture with Hasbro.
  • K-Team - makers of the Kehpera, Koala, a number of other nice robots and controller boards with many options
  • Red Zone - makers of industrial service robots
  • Mobot, Inc. - makers of tour guide robots like Sage and Joe
  • Probotics, Inc. - makers of the Cye robot
  • Gecko Systems, Inc. - makers of the CareBot home service robot

Home / Service Robots

Entertainment Robots

  • Aibo - a robotic pet dog from Sony, a special Robocup division was formed for these dogs

Prototype Robots

  • Electrolux - a prototype autonomous home vacuum cleaner
  • Lawn Nibbler - a prototype lawn mower robot
  • Jeeves - a prototype tennis ball collecting robot
  • Honda - a prototype humanoid looking walking robot
  • Minerva - a prototype tour guide robot

Hobbyist Robotics

General - distributors, kits, etc.

PC Controllable - meant to be interfaced to a PC, typically via RF Modem

  • Pioneer - a higher priced, but very functional robot, available in an RF modem version and a standalone version
  • The ARobot and The Trilobot - basic robots from Arrick Robotics
  • Gecko Systems - the CareBot personal care robot and vacuum cleaning robot, a mid size robot
  • Personal Robots - the Cye robot, a small slickly packaged hobbyist robot (aka www.rugrover.com)

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